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    Long Time No See!

    By Thomas | August 8, 2008

    Long time no see!  Our competition never reached an official end, but you could say that I am the unofficial winner, since I had lost more weight than Fat Brother Kenny last April.  Since then, I’ve let my diet and exercise program slack a bit, but I’ve still maintained a relatively lower weight without trying very hard.  My low during the competition was around 183 lbs.  I weighed in just now and tipped the scales at 189.  Not bad, considering I was 218 at the beginning of the year!

    But I need a new goal because I’ve slipped back into drinking cokes, eating chocolate cakes and not exercising.  When I had a set goal, I could maintain my healthy lifestyle easily.  When I reached that goal and didn’t make a new one, I fell back into old habits.  So here is my new goal: 170lbs by 2009.   I have about 5 months to lose 19 lbs.  Time to keep that daily food/weight journal again. Wish me luck!

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    One Response to “Long Time No See!”

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