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    Thomas’s Week 7 Weigh-ins

    By Thomas | February 16, 2008

    Sunday morning in Japan. It’s weigh-in time:

    Week 7 weightthomas_feb17_bodyfat.JPG

    86.9 kg is equal to 191.2 lbs.

    • Starting Weight: 218.2 lbs
    • Last Week’s Weight: 194.9 lbs
    • Today’s Weight: 191.2 lbs
    • Week Weight Loss: 3.7 lbs
    • Total Weight Loss: 27.0 lbs
    • Total Body Weight % Lost: 12.4%
    • Starting Body Fat %: 23.4%
    • Today’s Body Fat %: 17.6%
    • Total % Body Fat Lost: 5.8%

    And my graph:

    Despite a week of bad eating, I still managed to have an above average week! I credit this success to my as-of-yet unnamed secret weapon which I will be revealing soon. My bodyfat % only went down a tenth of a percentage, probably a direct result of the ice cream and cake I’ve been eating. I need to work on that. The problem is that I don’t have access to any weights for strength training. Maybe I should do pull-ups instead?

    I’m making Swedish pancakes again this morning. After that, I hope to cool it down on the bad food front for the entire week. Wish me luck!

    Although Kenny skipped week 6 weigh-ins, which is clearly against the rules of the competition, I’m going to give him the benefit of the doubt. Stay tuned for his week 7 weigh-in within the next 24 hours.

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    2 Responses to “Thomas’s Week 7 Weigh-ins”

    1. Greg Says:
      February 18th, 2008 at 5:02 am

      Great Job. How do you feel? Easier going up a flight up stairs? More energy? Getting any compliments?

    2. Thomas Says:
      February 18th, 2008 at 1:44 pm

      @Greg: Thanks! I feel great. Yes, it is much easier going up stairs now and my energy level is much much higher than it has been in years! People at work have noticed I’ve lost weight, and they are usually surprised to hear how much. I’ve heard some very nice comments from my wife as well :).