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  • Sidelined! August 24th Weigh-in

    By Kenny | August 24, 2014

    innov8 shoe

    This week was a bit of a struggle as I dealt with an injury that I sustained while jogging.  Yes, jogging.  After talking to FB Tommy about his running regimen, he mentioned that he had been running with flat, thin-soled running shoes as opposed to the typical running shoe with a padded, raised heal.  He mentioned that after switching to the low shoe, his endurance increased almost overnight and he was able to run much further than before.   This sounded great so I tried running with a flat shoe and low and behold I noticed the same thing- it took a little getting used to since your foot strikes the ground differently with a flat shoe as opposed to the raised heal shoe.  For me, I still felt like I was hitting heel first, but not as much as when I had the padded shoes, plus it was a little noisier, but I noticed right away that I could run further than before, meaning I could run further before slowing to walk a bit.  After 2 runs things were going great, but what happened on my 3rd run sucked.  I was running along making good time, enjoying the sounds of the chirds burping when I noticed some pain/tension in the inside portion of my right calf.  I tried running through it as sometimes little aches and pains can crop up while running, but this was probably a bad ideal.  The more I ran on it, the more it hurt and as it turned out, I had to walk the rest of the way home with a pretty serious limp.  I still didn’t think much of it, I figured I could just stretch it out like you would a cramped muscle, though that’s not what this was, so I did some wall push stretches to see if I could work out the tightness.  That day, and the next day I was in some pretty serious pain- it was difficult walking and I had a noticeable limp and going up, and especially down, stairs was near impossible.  I still don’t really know exactly what happened to me, but after reading a few articles  http://goo.gl/5rqaO9 , http://goo.gl/t6v1Jh , http://goo.gl/flXAif , I figured that I strained my Soleus by running too far, too soon on flat shoes.  Apparently my Achilles tendons have become atrophied over time due to shoe technology minimizing their activation in running.  As a result my Achilles are shorter and less flexible so when I got rid of the padded modern shoe and went minimalist, I started stretching muscles and tendons in my lower leg, that probably needed some transition time.  The advice I’ve read says that I need to slow down and take my time by alternating walking and running and not going all out right away.  I’m also reading that there is a technique that takes some getting used to where you purposely strike the ground by ‘kissing the ground with the balls of your feet’.  Whatever that means.  Granted everyone is different and some people won’t experience the problems that I’m having, but I’m not going to give up on the flat shoe running method yet.  After about 5 days of rest, I feel like I’m ready to hit the road again and this time I’m going to try and be more mindful of my technique and just sort of throw any sort of performance goals out the window.

    Despite being weak, frail and old, I still have managed to steadily lose weight, most likely due to my super-secret-weight-loss-strategy so my weigh-in for the week is fairly decent, though likely not what it would have been if I didn’t have the calves of a 72 year old.

    scaleweight 08-24-14


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    Week 13 Weigh-in

    By Thomas | August 24, 2014

    Another good weigh-in. Getting close to the 20s in both weight and body-fat. As of this week I’ve lost more total weight than I did in 2008′s Weight Loss Challenge.




    Body Fat

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    Week 12 Weigh-in. Approaching 230

    By Thomas | August 17, 2014

    This was a good week for me. I had two personal running records back-to-back:

    Screen Shot 2014-08-13 at 10.32.06 PM

    Screen Shot 2014-08-17 at 12.49.44 AM

    I checked my run history and I was struggling to do 1.5 miles in April. That’s a big improvement!

    Here is my weigh-in from this morning:




    Body Fat

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    Week 11 weighin for Thomas

    By Thomas | August 11, 2014

    I gained a little bit this week, but still below 240.



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    August 3rd weigh in

    By Kenny | August 3, 2014

    my weigh in

    scaleweight 08-03-14

    my birthday card


    suspicious Llama looking at Tommy suspiciously



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    Thomas weighs in on time for the 10th week in a row.

    By Thomas | August 3, 2014

    Here is my weigh-in, plus stats:




    Body Fat

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    Week 9 Weigh-in. Thomas is below 240

    By Thomas | July 27, 2014

    Weighed in this morning a few points below 240!



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    Thomas’s Week 8 weighin

    By Thomas | July 20, 2014

    The 230′s are so close I can smell them. I weighed 241.4 this morning:



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    Kenny’s weigh-in from 7/13

    By Kenny | July 16, 2014

    From Sunday….

    scaleweight 07-13-14


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    Thomas’s Week 7 Weighin

    By Thomas | July 14, 2014

    Had a date night with the wife on Saturday, so today’s weigh-in looks worse than it really is. Hoping I can break into the 230s before August.



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